Call for submissions

Dear friends,

Icy greetings!

For almost the entire month of August, Kashmir has been turned into a prison from where almost no communication is allowed to escape. The prisoners are not permitted to talk to one another or their family and friends outside. Our rulers say the enforced silence is for our own good; if we talk, we might exchange notes of loss and indignation. This way, they say, we will remain calm and happy, mulling over our collective loss in private.

Have you, like Wande, managed to escape from the prison? Have you been watching in horror on the outside while our home is turned into a blackhole of information? If you have, then, in the immortal words of the poet, let us "will the distant mountains to glass" so that the world cannot plead ignorance when justice puts it in a witness box. Send us your short stories, anecdotes, letters, poems and notes at

Let the world feel the chill of our lives. After all, in Wande sound travels farther.