Kunan Poshpora 1991 by Nazia Shah

Kunan Poshpora 1991 by Nazia Shah is the fifth in a series of photo essays, visual stories and artworks on the lives of Kashmiri women. The series celebrates Kashmiri women's lives, their resilience, dreams and visions in commemoration of Kashmiri Women's Resistance Day.

The letter speaks and asks for justice itself. One can sense the trauma in those uneven fingerprints.” – Nazia Shah

“I am ashamed to put down in black and white….” Deputy Commissioner S.M Yasin, 7th March 1991.

How does one make sense of pain and violence that unmakes language and obliterates the world? This series of paired drawings/paintings and photographs by Nazia Shah stage a conversation about what happened in Kunan and Poshpora that night, and the meanings and limits of violation, representation and justice.

Kunan Poshpora
The People © Nazia Shah
Kunan Poshpora
The Village © Nazia Shah
Kunan Poshpora
The Night © Nazia Shah
Kunan Poshpora
Untitled © Nazia Shah

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