A Playlist on Afzal Guru

Photo: Faisal Khan

Mohammad Afzal Guru was secretly hanged in India’s Tihar Jail on 9 February 2013 in the wee hours of the morning. Kashmir didn’t see a morning on that day – the noose was tightened around Kashmir’s towns and villages also. A brutal curfew was enforced. The whole Kashmir was brought under a military siege. In Afzal’s hometown of Sopore, people broke the goddamn curfew and threw stones in protest and anger. Thirty nine men were injured. The rest of Kashmir stood firm in solemn remembrance of their fallen country-man, whose last words were profound. He implored his ahle-watan to not mourn his killing, for he was not ashamed. Afzal died an honorable man. His memory and sacrifice keeps alive the Kashmiri struggle for justice and truth.

In remembrance of Afzal’s struggle for justice, Wande Magazine offers a very short playlist on this moth-ridden day to be played and re-played as Kashmir lives another day of curfew and restrictions.

To Shaheed Afzal Guru From Tabasum His Brave Wife - Walo Ha Nigaro

  The Afzal Guru Song by Ali Saffudin